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Our Story:

All-Natural, Effective, & Affordable Pest Solutions Should Be Available For Everyone!  

Founded With Family Safety in Mind

GreenScreen Pest Solutions was founded by a frustrated homeowner and floriculture expert who believed that all-natural, effective, and affordable pest solutions should be available to everyone!  

After one of our neighbors contracted Lyme disease twice, I needed to find ways to protect my family of seven (four young kids and curious dog) from this scary and unfortunately common disease.  We were shocked that the only available options for tick, mosquito, and deer repellent services were toxic chemicals that needed to be applied with a mask and warning signs placed around the yard.  Well, that seems unsafe for my family, neighbors and the environment.  

After speaking to many local and national pest companies (some even claiming to be “all-natural”) and extensive chemical and application testing - we found a new generation of all-natural solutions was more effective than the traditional toxic options.  We also discovered various technology platforms that drove real-time analytics and provide an amazing customer experience was available.  Great, but you would need to contract with at least two separate companies to address tick, mosquito, AND deer - which made things expensive and annoying to manage...

Out of this frustration and need to provide a safer environment for our kids and pets - GreenScreen Pest Solutions was born!  Your family, pets and the community are at the center of our mission in which we deliver effective all-natural services you can trust and afford.      

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