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deer in the forest

All-Natural Deer Repellent that Really Works!

It's me, 
I'm the problem it's me!...

Deer eating a green leaf

We know what deer like to eat and more importantly, we know what they don’t like to eat. The average adult deer can consume more than five pounds of food each day. Some of that food may be your landscape! And deer are adaptable. Because they become acclimated to smells and tastes, a deer repellent that worked last month might not be so effective this month.


We use all-natural deer repellent blends, totally safe for you, your children, and your pets. We beat the deer’s instinctive adaptability by alternating these all-natural deer control compounds throughout the year. Each month, even the most persistent deer will find a new reason to dine elsewhere.


Deer damage causes millions of dollars worth of destruction every year. Call us for a free on-premises evaluation of how we can protect your valuable property from these voracious pests. Depending upon your landscape and plants, we will recommend an integrated pest control program that is customize to your specific needs. 

Wedding Venue

Having a Special Event or Party?

Don't let pests be uninvited guests!

We offer one-time treatments for residential, commercial and school events

Family playing with a dog in the garden without tick or mosquito

Protect your family and pets!

All-Natural Tick & Mosquito Spray

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